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    17 696,10 PLN =)
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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

    Jasne... nie wiem komu kit starasz sie wciśnać ale ja tego nie kupie... nie uwieże, że ktoś kto ma 85 lvl jest takim noobem <co widac po twoim poscie> i że płacze bo stracił dwarven shield''a... lol
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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

    Dear Gamemasters and Tutors, the waiting is almost over now and this year''s summer update is just a few steps ahead. As always before we launch a big update, we need your help to thoroughly test all new features and hope that we can again rely on you to spot potential bugs. Hopefully you are free during the next two weeks - there is a whole lot of new stuff to test for you! Twelve new islands with settlements and dungeons, a lot of new monsters and NPCs, tons of quests, new outfits and items are awaiting you. Moreover, we are introducing several anticheating measures which of course also need to be tested. And again as always, I have to inform you that all information gathered on the test server is for your eyes only and not to be published. This should be a point of honour. Please read the following instructions on how to join the test server and the testing agenda carefully. Report all bugs you find with ctrl + z in-game. Typical bugs include: - Graphical errors (e.g. broken graphics, blue pixels, wrong automap colors) - Map errors (e.g. broken ground textures, broken wall parts) - Feature errors (e.g. item doesn''t work like it is supposed to) - Object errors (e.g. a takeable tree, walkable stone) - NPC errors (e.g. something is bought for more money than it is sold) - Text errors (e.g. typos, misspellings, non-suitable name for an object) - Quest errors (e.g. dead ends in the quest line) In cases of client crashes ("Tibia Error - Debug Assertion" ) please click "Send" in the "Error Report" dialog which appears when you start the client the next time after the crash happened. If possible please enter a comment in the appropriate field before clicking "Send" because any hint on what you did right before the crash will greatly help in fixing the reason for the crash. Lastly, during the last testing periods you did a really good job with organising a thread in which all previously reported bugs were listed and kept up-to-date for a quick overview. This was a big help for everyone, so it would be greatly appreciated if one of you with some spare time on his or her hands could manage such a thread again. You can also use this thread to ask whether something should be reported as a bug or not. Thank you! 1. How to join the testserver Note that the testserver will go online in a few hours from now, so don''t worry if you won''t be able to log on immediately. However, you can already prepare the following steps: - Please make a copy of your Tibia folder before you do anything else, because else you might not be able to log on the normal Tibia servers again after having logged on the test server. - Name the copied folder e.g. "TibiaTest". - Now, create a shortcut to the Tibia.exe in your test folder, e.g. by rightclicking the .exe file and choosing "Create shortcut" from the context menu. - Start the Tibia client via this shortcut. - Activate the testserver login by clicking the according checkbox in Options -> Network. - Attempt to log into the game to activate the automatic patch. - Log on! 2. New Areas (and Unlockable Areas) If you have read our regular teaser series, you already know that this update features twelve new islands called the "Shattered Isles". At first, you can only access two of them, the main island "Vandura" with its human settlement "Liberty Bay" as well as the mysterious "Treasure Island". However, there are many NPCs which will give you hints and small quests to unlock the other isles. I will not spoil here how exactly to reach each new area, but you will find some small clues on where you might start in the quest section of this agenda. The new areas are: - Vandura (with the settlement Liberty Bay) - Meriana (with the settlement Sabrehaven) - Nargor - Laguna Islands - Treasure Island - Forbidden Islands (Goroma, Ramoa, Talahu, Malada, Kharos) - Calassa Once you have reached an area, preferably try to explore it completely - meaning there shouldn''t be any black spots left on your map. While you are in Liberty Bay, please check the following things: - Use every single depot box once - Use the new mailboxes and check whether the mail arrives at its proper destination (especially mail sent to Liberty Bay!) - Make Liberty Bay your home city (also from Rookgaard), die to see if you start in Liberty Bay again - Use doors, ladders and stairs and see if they work correctly - Are all lightsources (those can can be turned on and off) reachable? - Can you get close enough to all signs to read them? 3. New NPCs Please have a conversation with the following NPCs. Depending on their function, check if e.g. buying/selling single and multiple items or exchanging money works as it should. + Liberty Bay and Surroundings - Admiral Wyrmsclicer (Fortress) - Berenice (Explorer Society Representative) - Bradford (Bard telling stories in the tavern) - Captain Fate (Liberty Bay captain; transport to Thais, Venore, Edron, Darashia, Ankhramun, Port Hope) - Captain Max (?) - Captain Waverider (?) - Cedric (Weapons + armour shop) - Chantalle (Jewellery shop) - Charlotta (Witch living in the slums) - Eleonore Silverhand (Governor''s daughter) - Evan (Distillery) - Frederik (Magic store) - Harvesters (Terence, Parlan, Norris, Irvin, Hamilton, Gordon, Fergus, Doug, Braden, Cameron) - Herbert (Post office) - Isolde (Paladin trainer, fortress) - Jefrey (Bank) - Lyonel (Tavern owner) - Malunga (Sorcerer trainer) - Marcus (Warehouse keeper) - Peggy (Furniture store) - Percy Silverhand (Governor) - Theodore (Storyteller) - Tristan (Knight trainer, fortress) - Tyrias (Priest) You might come across the following other new NPCs if you solve some quests: + Other Areas - Ajax - Ariella - Atrad - Bron - Ceiron - Chondur - Duncan - Erayo - Faolan - Fiona - Gelagos - Irmana - John Copper - Kalvin - Klaus - Marina - Morgan - Ocelus - Raymond Striker - Samir - Sebastian - Treasure Hunters (Barney, Danlon, Eranth, Meraya, Paolo, Jason) - Vescu - Vulturenose 4. New Monsters Please find and kill the following new monsters - actually you should stumble over all of them automatically while exploring the new areas. Check if they are too strong for the area where you have found them. Are all corpses displayed correctly in all decay states? Are the corpses (not) movable or (not) takeable according to their size and weight? Does anything seem strange about their loot? - Water Elemental - Massive Water Elemental - Quara Predator - Quara Predator Scout - Quara Constrictor - Quara Constrictor Scout - Quara Mantassin - Quara Mantassin Scout - Quara Hydromancer - Quara Hydromancer Scout - Quara Pincher - Quara Pincher Scout - Pirate Marauder - Pirate Cutthroat - Pirate Buccaneer - Pirate Corsair - Pirate Skeleton - Pirate Ghost - Carrion Worm - Novice of the Cult - Acolyte of the Cult - Adept of the Cult - Enlightened of the Cult - Tortoise - Thornback Tortoise - Blood Crab - Toad - Seagull (non-aggressive) - Green Frog (non-aggressive) - Azure Frog - Coral Frog - Crimson Frog - Orchid Frog - Island Troll Of course, there are also numerous new raids which might surprise anyone who walks around Liberty Bay unprepared, so watch out if the seagulls around you seem startled! 5. New Outfits Our graphics artist was incredibly busy during the past months, since all seven old outfits have been revised and eight new outfits have been added! If you have a Premium Account, you can immediately choose the following new outfits: - Barbarian Outfit - Oriental Outfit - Druid Outfit - Wizard Outfit There are also some new outfits which can only be earned by solving quests. Note that you also need a Premium Account to start these quests. You will find a few more hints about how to earn them in the quest section of the agenda: - Assassin - Beggar - Pirate - Shaman Moreover, each outfit has two accessories which you also have to unlock by completing quests - some easier, some harder, to suit every taste. If you want to learn more about each outfit, it is a good idea to talk to Kalvin in Venore. He will share some interesting information about the outfits and where you might start looking for addons. Remember that addons are only for Premium Account characters. 6. New Quests a) Area Quests As previously mentioned, you need to solve questlines to unlock all of the new areas. Here are a few hints on where you might start looking for quests: - Reaching Meriana: Hang around in Liberty Bay''s tavern and inspect your surroundings closely... - Reaching Laguna: There is a mysterious mermaid on Meriana''s shores who seems to be able to control sea turtles... - Reaching Nargor: There are many missions to be solved before you earn enough reputation in the rebel settlement on Meriana... - Reaching Goroma: The route to Thais from Liberty Bay is said to be very dangerous, for there are often tropical storms raging... - Reaching Calassa: ??? b) Outfit Quests Kalvin in the "wearhouse" of Venore will give you important information about outfits and addons. - Assassin: There is an old hermit living on the Daramian plague spire who once trained assassins... - Beggar: Hugo might know more about this innovative new look... - Pirate: Maybe the rebels in Sabrehaven will some day accept you as one of them, if you solve their missions... - Shaman: Look around for someone wearing this exotic new outfit, maybe he will teach you how to become a shaman... c) Addon Quests In general, many of the old NPCs who suddenly wear accessories might give you a hint on how to earn them if you politely ask them about outfits or addons. For each outfit, there is mostly an addon which is not that hard to earn while another one requires quite some work. If NPCs ask for items you never heard about, try asking them about that item for more information or simply use your common sense to find out which monsters might, for example, drop lizard scales. It is said that there are also some mysterious items used to gain special loot from certain monsters if used on a fresh corpse. Lastly, please note that all drop rates for the required items have been set to 100% for testing purposes - this won''t be like that on the real server, so think twice before you consider a quest "too easy". Here are a few hints on where to start looking for addons: - Knight and warrior addons: Try looking around in the knight guilds or find a smith! - Paladin addons: How about checking a certain paladin guild? - Mage and Druid addons: Have you noticed some new accessories in Port Hope lately? Edron or Ab''Dendriel are also good starting locations, as well as the Dark Cathedral. - Wizard addons: Ooh, an evil sorcerer... maybe you can find a soulmate somewhere around Thais. - Nobleman addons: Freshly imported from the Venorean "wearhouse". - Citizen addons: They can even be earned on Rookgaard, as well in and around Thais. - Oriental addons: Easy to guess - I guess. - Barbarian addons: There are some new faces around Northport... - Asassin addons: Try to earn the outfit first and listen closely to what you are told, then the rest will come to you. - Beggar addons: Once you became a beggar, try finding a veteran to learn from him. - Shaman addons: Once a shaman, maybe you can become the apprentice of someone wise... - Pirate addons: Maybe you will see some potential addons for your new outfit in the community where you earned it? It would be advisable to test all quests with two people at the same time - the first one always receives the mission objectives and solves the tasks, while the second one just accompanies him or her without receiving mission objectives and should not be able to do anything in the questline. Moreover, free accounts should not be able to start any outfit or addon quest. When an addon quest is solved, make sure that the correct addon (and only this addon!) is unlocked. 7. New Activities and Items There are many new activies and new fun items to discover, so I won''t write a comprehensive list. How about a nice mug of freshly brewed rum? Of course, this requires some hard work on the Vanduran plantations! Maybe some of the workers there or even the overseer of the local distillery can give you tips on how to make your own rum. It might also help to check the blackboards there. If you''re not into alcohol but prefer some freshly pressed juice, you might find some fruit stores who updated their list of offers by a new item: a juice squeezer! Simply use it on any fruit and have an empty vial in your inventory to produce tasty juice. And if you''re sick of fruit juice, why don''t you try it on coconuts for a change? How about a gambling session in a tavern? Maybe you get lucky and win something other than money. There are also some new furniture items, so don''t miss to check your local furniture store. While you''re at it, test the new and comfortable purchase of tapestry! And don''t be surprised if the goldfish bowl you can buy is empty... maybe you can catch a little friend from the Tibian sea. Don''t harm him with a fishing rod though! If you get lucky, you might also find one of the rare voodoo skulls and obtain a mysterious prophecy once per day. Not to forget the treasure maps which might enable you to find some hidden spots! Ever organised a competition event in Tibia and lacked shiny goblets as a prize? Check out the jewellery store in Liberty Bay for a nice surprise. This is but a sneak peek on the many new activities and items awaiting you this update. However, don''t forget that the main objective in this test is to find bugs, so I hope you won''t get too distracted. 8. Hunting Ground Balancing A small, but nonetheless important point in this update is the hunting ground balancing. Remember that you were asked about your opinion on hunting grounds several months ago? Well, we took all of that feedback into consideration and tried to improve the hunting grounds which were critised the most. Have a look at some old areas and check if they feel better for you now! - Banuta (improvement of loot and exp) - Chor (improvement of loot and exp) - Djinn towers (improvement of loot, less spawn) - Hydras (split of the hydra spawn into two spawns so that more people can hunt at the same time) - Amazons and elves (slight improvement of loot) - Rotworm spawns (Carrion worms added on lower levels) - Ab''Dendriel trolls (more trolls) - Fibula (replacement of demon skeletons with other monsters) - Improvement of a few slow spawn rates in general (Black Knight, Vampire...) 9. Anticheating Measures and New Features a) Ninja-Looting As you have probably already read in the news, there is a period of ten seconds now after each monster kill in which only the character who inflicted the most damage is able to loot the corpse. During this time, the corpse is also not movable. This is not valid for player kills. Please test whether this works correctly, including the following scenarios: - As killer, you should still be able to loot the corpse even if someone has thrown a field on it - The Undead Legion spell or the Animate Dead rune should not work in this time - If the creature should die on a ropespot, it will still be possible to use the ropespot even if the corpse is not movable b) Blocking of captains Please check all major captains as completely as possible with two people at the same time - one keeps the captain busy, while the other one sails to all possible locations by saying "Please bring me to [city xy]", for example "please bring me to liberty bay". Check whether the money is correctly subtracted from your inventory (with and without postman quest done). Keep in mind that this will only work if the captain is busy, you own a premium account, have enough money AND the captain actually sails to the location which you are requesting. c) Server save killing It is now not possible anymore to happily log out with a white skull during the 5 minutes before server save; instead, the same rule as always applies. If a server save message should appear, try to get a protection zone block and/or logout block and attempt to logout. It should never work. d) Introduction of stamina As also mentioned in the news, you will find a new bar called "Stamina" in your skill window which indicates the time that is left until a character is too tired to gain experience while hunting. Unless you illegally share your account, you will most likely not be affected by this measure. However, try out whether the following things work correctly: - Stamina regenerates while characters are logged out (for every 2 minutes you are logged off, your character will gain 1 minute added to its stamina) - The stamina time limit is only affected by the actual hunting time during which your character makes experience - Characters who simply train or make runes will not lose stamina Although most of you will probably not even get close to these hunting times - if you should actually manage to use up your stamina bar, you can check out whether the following things also work: - Characters can hunt for up to 56 hours before they no longer gain experience points - During the final 14 hours defeated creatures will only yield half the experience Remember that drinking too much coffee and coke is not healthy. e) Spawn blocking It should now be impossible to - whether accidentally or intentionally - block spawns located on a floor higher or lower than you, even if you can see the actual monster spawn from a platform. f) "Invisible barricades" Remember walking through a narrow tunnel and spotting a tiny piece of garbage blocking your way, which turned out to be just the top of an enormous pile of items including an unpassable chest? These times should be over now - all movable objects which could not be walked on but could be covered with items have been revised, such as chests, barrels, tables, etc. It is now either possible to pass them (e.g. tables) or it is NOT possible to lay an item on top anymore (e.g. pots). Think of some items which were often used for such blocking scenarios and try if it still works that way. Also, it should of course not be possible to reach areas which you could not reach before due to the change of such an object. g) Limit for selling empty vials This is not an actual "anticheating" measure, but it is still important to be tested: There is now a limit on how many empty vials you can deposit at one time, but don''t worry, depositing vials is no big deal now. If you carry more than 200 vials, the NPC will simply take 200 vials first, then ask you if you want to deposit more. Just reply with "yes" as many times as necessary and check if you receive the correct amount of money and whether the vials are correctly subtracted from your inventory. Please check as many magic stores as possible! h) Hotkeys If you check the hotkey dialog under "Options", you will find that quite a few things have changed there. Select the hotkey (e.g. F1) where you would like to place an item on (e.g. Rune, Fluid), then click on "Select Object" to temporarily close the window and turn the cursor into crosshairs. Now, click on the desired item in your inventory to assign it to that hotkey. If this item is usually used ON something, e.g. a healing rune on yourself or an attack rune on another player, you can also select the desired default target (yourself, the target marked on the battlelist or NO default target but the usual crosshairs upon using that item). Please note that the generated message "Using item xy" will also appear if you assign an item which you can''t actually use (e.g. shield). This is due to technical reasons and NO bug. It is also NOT possible to automatically dress an armor piece assigned to a hotkey, this dialog is only designed for items which can actually be used. That''s it for now! Thanks for your help, and have fun!
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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

    Kilka ss''ów odnośnie zbliżającego sie update:
  5. Ots''y nie są legalne, jednak pozostają "poza zasięgiem Cip Soft''u".
  6. Humh... Chciałem pograć przez neta ale pojawia mi się ciągle komunikat: "Nie można połączyć z Kod błędu 0.7.0" Wie ktoś może co z tym zrobić?
  7. Szczerze mówiąc to chyba nie myślałeś, że CDP będzie dopłacał z własnej kieszeni =) Dobra reklama to podstawa. =)
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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

    Tak jak napisał Galarion OTS''y są nielegalne, gdyż jest to... hmm... łamanie praw autorskich... Kilka faktów... Oficjalna strona tibi ==> Oficjalne fansites: @Galarion Ogólnie rzecz biorąć ots''y są nielegalne jednak nie spotkałem się jeszcze z przypadkiem ukarania kogoś za to, że grał na ots''ie... moim zdnaiem nie bardzo da się to udowodnić, a nikt raczej nie bedzie opierał się na tym co ktoś w danej chwili powiedział.
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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

    (...) prywatne servery które śą niby legalne. to tak jak w Tibii. Prywatne serwery Tibii - ots - są nielegalne.
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    Tibia (MMORPG) - temat ogólny

    Właśnie, przecież każdy mmorpg skupia się głównie wokół pięknej i długiej fabuły, a nie na rywalizacji pomiędzy graczami/klanami/gildiami/rasami bądź też rozwijaniu własnej postaci...
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    Cytaty, motta, sentencje

    Kilka z mojego zbioru(autorzy w wiekszości albo nie są znani bądz nie pamiętam =p): "Deru kugi-wa." - Gwoźdź, który wystaje będzie wbity w ścianę. "Futsuka yoi-ni-wa mukae-zake." - Najlepszym lekarstwem na dużego kaca jest sake. "pereat mundus,fiat iustitia" - niech zginie świat, byle było sprawiedliwie. "trahit sua quemque voluptas" - każdy ulega swoim namiętnościom. "Nie wystarczy dużo wiedzieć, żeby być mądrym." "Ten który walczy z potworami powinien zadbać by sam nie stał się potworem. Gdy długo spoglądamy się w otchłań, otchłań spogląda również w nas." "Co mnie nie zabije, to mnie wzmocni" "Każdy wypity kieliszek, to gwóźdź do naszej trumny. Pijmy więc tak, by trumna się nie rozpadła! " "veritas odium parit, obsequium amicos" - prawda rodzi nienawiść, ustępliwość przyjaciół. Terencjusz. "A gdy serce twe przytłoczy Myśl, że żyć nie warto, Z łez ocieraj cudze oczy, Chociaż twoich nie otarto." "Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he doesn`t show to anybody" "Alteri vivas oportet, si vis tibi vivere " - musisz żyć dla innych, jeśli chcesz żyć z pożytkiem dla siebie. "Wolność polega na tym, aby śmiało rozpatrywać każdą sytuację w jaką wpakuje nas życie i brać na siebie wszelką wynikłą stąd odpowiedzialność." "Mężczyzna uczyni wszystko dla kobiety, którą niegdyś kochał, nigdy jednak nie zakocha się w niej powtórnie." Na koniec jescze jeden, który ostatnio najbardziej mi się podoba: "Kto nie dąży do rzeczy niemożliwych, nigdy ich nie osiągnie." - Heraklit