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    Kącik Tłumaczy: Angielski i inne języki. [M]

    A i jeszcze to : Bomb Garden The cave here is underneath an area called the Bomb Garden; it''s known as such since bombs actually grow here. You''ll need to pick them up and throw them to move on. Tap a bomb, then throw it at the crumbly rocks that bar your way to destroy them. You can nab another bomb here and quickly run to the southeast to destroy a cracked wall there to find another Power Gem. When you''re ready to navigate through the cave, pick up a bomb and throw it over the fence to break the block there. With that done, push the metal block into the fenced-in area to get inside. With that done, you''ll have two blocks blocking your path to the north. You need to pull the one closest to you so that you can push it up against the right wall here, then push it south to where the bomb plant is. That''ll let you pull the other block to the right and up so that you can move past it. Nab a bomb from the bomb plant and destroy the crumbled block that prevents you from moving on. You''ll come out to the real Bomb Garden when you exit the cave. Make your way along the path until you reach the steps heading down. Continue along the path until you come to some crumbled blocks that prevent you from moving on. It may seem impossible to reach them with a bomb, but it''s not; you have to head back up the steps, find one of the bombs that grows along the little cliff to the north, pick it up, then jump off the cliff and book it to the east and throw the bomb over the fence before it explodes. With that done, you can reach Eddo and buy the Cannon from him for a whole 50 rupees. With that installed on your ship, you''ll be able to fire at your enemies by tapping at them while you''re floating around. Z góry dziękuje .
  2. exstreme

    Kącik Tłumaczy: Angielski i inne języki. [M]

    czy mógłby mi to ktoś przetłumaczyć na polski : Golden Frogs There are a number of golden frogs in the seas here, six in all. You''ll know when you''re near one because they''ll start jumping out of the water, giving up shiny sparks from their bodies. You can''t do much with the golden frogs until you''ve spoken to their king. He dwells on an uncharted island in the northwestern sea. If you go to the eastern side of the sea here and follow the rocks up to the north, you''ll find the hidden island, which actually has no map even when you land. If you can unlock the path to the center of the island, you''ll be able to speak to the king, who''ll give you a special slate. After obtaining the slate, you can return to the golden frogs and hit them with your cannon. Doing so will cause them to give over a symbol. Mark the symbol in detail on your map. With that done, you can draw the symbol on your slate when you stop your boat, allowing you to instantly travel to where you found the golden frog. Pretty handy!
  3. exstreme

    Proszę o pomoc

    skoro wiesz że łamiesz regulamin, to nie tylko zamykam ale jeszcze w ramach bonusu ostrzeżenie dorzucam. Zaś pozostałych proszę o niedopisywanie się do takich tematów.
  4. exstreme

    Quiz gothic :)

    zardzewiały topór albo zardzewiały topór bojowy .
  5. exstreme

    Legend of Zelda

    No dobra z poprzednim problemem jakoś sobie poradziłem , a teraz mam nowy problem , nie wiem jak i gdzie mogę zdobyć wędkę,bomby i łuk.
  6. exstreme

    Legend of Zelda

    tylko szkoda że po angielsku .
  7. exstreme

    Legend of Zelda

    Jak przeszedłeś Zelde czy mógłbyś mi pomóc mam taki problem :nie wiem co zrobić w :Mercay Island ,Moldia Island ,Spirit Island . Proszę o pomoc z góry dziękuje .
  8. exstreme

    Legend of Zelda

    Proszę nich mi ktoś pomorze
  9. exstreme

    Legend of Zelda

    Mam problem z grom zelda wersja na Nintendo ds , a dokładnie nie wiem co zrobić w :Mercay Island ,Moldia Island ,Spirit Island . Proszę o pomoc z góry dziękuje .